Dental Implant Surgery

If you wear crowns or bridges dental implant surgery may be for you. Crowns may fail if the tooth supporting it decays. Crowns fail if they poorly fit onto a tooth. The poor fitting causes the crown to continuously come off. Poorly fitting bridges can be hard to clean and repeatedly come off. Stop these problems with dental implant surgery. Dental implant surgery securely fits dental implants into the bone of your mouth. Attractive artificial teeth are put on top of the dental implants.

Dr. Yeh provides Seattle dental implant surgery. Your jaw will have stability while you chew, talk or drink. Dr. Yeh will replace your damaged teeth or missing teeth. Dental implant surgery is a great way to overcome severe gum disease. There are many implant dentists in Seattle. But Dr. Yeh gives you a more natural smile with dental implant surgery. Your dental implants will be secure. They can be attached to your full and partial dentures. Schedule a free consultation for Seattle dental implant surgery.

  • Provides jaw stability
  • Attach implants to dentures
  • Strong base for replacement teeth
  • In-house dental implant surgery
  • No more poorly fitting crowns and bridges
  • Dental hygiene care program
  • Hospital-style operating suite

Dental Implant Surgery Advances

Dental implant surgery advances make dental implant procedures easier to do. Dr. Michael Yeh uses dental implant surgery advances to put in dental implants in one step. The single stage dental implants don’t require a second dental implant procedure to uncover them. You must wait at least six weeks to heal, before Dr. Yeh puts in your artificial teeth. Sometimes your dental implants can be put in the same time as a tooth extraction. This removes the need for additional dental implant surgical procedures.

  • Offers single-stage dental implants
  • Saves time and energy
  • New coating technologies to form with surrounding bone
  • Gives you better stability and endurance
  • Shapes and threads for easier insertion
  • Keeps dental implants more stable

Dental Implant Surgery Procedure

We have an effective dental implant surgery procedure. Dental implant surgery is a team effort. Dr. Yeh works with an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and Restorative Dentist. Dr. Yeh does the dental implant surgery, tooth extractions and bone grafting. For the dental implant surgery procedure the restorative dentists makes and fits the permanent prosthesis. Dr. Yeh will make you a temporary prosthesis if you need one during the dental implant surgery procedure.

  • Temporary prosthesis available
  • Permanent prosthesis for a custom fit
  • Skilled dental implant surgery team
  • Safe and tested procedures
  • Tooth extractions and bone grafting

Dental Implant Surgery Prosthesis

We have different types of dental implant surgery prosthesis for you. The single prosthesis or crown is used to replace one missing tooth. Each dental prosthetic tooth attaches to an individual dental implant. This gives each artificial tooth a custom fit. There’s no repeated falling off or shifting. You’ll be able to chew and talk with confidence. The partial prosthesis or fixed bridge, replaces two or more teeth. This dental prosthesis may only need 2-3 dental implants.

The next dental implant surgery prosthesis is a complete dental prosthesis or fixed bridge. This dental implant surgery prosthesis replaces all of your teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Removable and fixed dental implant surgery prosthesis is available. The fixed dental prosthesis can only be removed by Dr. Yeh. Schedule a free dental consultation. Find out which dental prosthesis will work for you.

  • Complete dental prosthesis
  • Fixed dental prosthesis
  • Lower tooth replacement
  • Removable dental prosthesis
  • Single prosthesis
  • Single tooth replacement
  • Upper tooth replacement

In-Office Dental Implant Surgery

For your comfort Dr. Yeh provides in-office dental implant surgery. Dental implant surgery is done in a hospital-style operating suite. This insures your dental implant procedures are clean and safe. In-patient hospital dental implant surgery is available under certain conditions. First, you have special medical or anesthetic needs. Second, you need extensive bone grafting from your jaw, hip or tibia.

  • Hospital-style operating suite
  • Clean and safe environment
  • Available for special medical needs
  • Available for special anesthetic needs
  • Available for extensive bone grafting

Enjoy the smile and dental health you deserve! Contact SeaTac Family Dentistry or Port Orchard Dental Artistry today.