Preventative Dental Care

Sea-Tac Family Dentistry is dedicated to helping maintain your dental health. Our preventative dental care program will help you fight gum disease. Preventative dental care protects your teeth and gums from gum disease damage. We teach you comprehensive steps to fight gum disease. Preventative dental care includes tooth brushing, flossing, not smoking and eating healthier snacks. Routine preventative dental care will keep you from developing severe dental problems. Ask about our preventative dental care program when you call us.

  • Fights gum disease
  • Keeps gums and teeth strong and healthy
  • Quick and easy to do
  • Preventative dental care done anywhere
  • Protects your teeth
  • For adults and children
  • Preventative dental care specialists

Preventing Gum Disease

How do you prevent gum disease? To some preventing gum disease seems like an impossible task. Below are some specific ways in preventing gum disease. We can provide more ways on preventing gum disease. Did you know preventing gum disease can help fight heart disease? Heart disease has been linked to gum disease for years. Follow these tips on preventing gum disease. And you and your family will enjoy longer dental health. The information below comes from the American Dental Association. Learn more at

  • Brush and floss twice a day
  • See your dentist on a regular basis
  • Clean all sides of your teeth
  • Brush your tongue
  • Floss once a day
  • Use anti-plaque mouthwash
  • Eat a healthier diet

Enjoy the smile and dental health you deserve! Contact SeaTac Family Dentistry or Port Orchard Dental Artistry today.